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Shoulders Slightly Hunched – The Shape of True Love – by David Drummond

February 19, 2015

What shapes represent love to you? This one is not traditional, but shows a lifetime of living care.

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old man hunched overI can see him now: shoulders slightly hunched, white hair uncovered, walking slowly up the wooded lane. He doesn’t pause as often as he once did, because he doesn’t hear the birds and deer quite as well anymore.

His pace, though slowed by time, is purposeful. He has done this walk before. In fact, he has done it thousands of times. He is walking home from work.

I can see him stop at the mailbox, glance across the field at the neighbors horses, wave and smile at the stranger driving by, and resume his walk across the lawn, up the steps, and into the house.

His shoulders are still hunched slightly forward. As a matter of fact, I can still hear Grandmother scolding him gently for his poor posture. But you see, she recognizes that he has earned that hunch.

I have always been a little intimidated by Grandfather. This…

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