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41 Years Later – Abortion is Still Murder

January 22, 2014

I wonder how many of the children killed in the name of women’s rights were female? How many of them were denied control of their bodies?


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  1. I don’t believe in abortion personally but what gives me or you to tell other what to do with their own body.

    • I have no right to tell you or anyone else how to treat (or mistreat) their own body.
      However, I don’t believe a woman has the right to mistreat the newly conceived body inside her either.
      I believe in life from conception. No other group of cells or lump of tissue continues to grow and show human characteristics in the same way. A newly conceived human fetus has its own dna. What gives a woman the right to destroy this new life?
      This is, of course, my opinion. Unless I find a better and more accurate one, I’m sticking to it. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting. I’m always open for discussion and normally enjoy it.

      • If your wife was going to die if she gave birth, what would you do?

      • I’m not sure. I think I would probably go crazy. I know what she would say, that abortion is not an option.
        While I haven’t actually faced that situation, my wife and I have actually been told that if she were to get pregnant again, we would have to make that choice. So, we have had that discussion.
        In any case that scenario represents a minuscule portion of abortions. My other question in that scenario is this.
        Who am I to play God and decide the value of one life over another?

      • I like your last statement. My daughter-in-law almost died while pregnant, I kept my mouth shut because I really believe in abortion but my beliefs aren’t for me to push on another. I will tell you I still have my wonderful daughter-in-law and a perfect granddaughter.

      • Good. I’m glad both made it and neither was expendable. Could you imagine life now without that beautiful granddaughter?

      • Nope but remember I don’t believe in abortion but I believe it’s not my right to decide for someone’s body.

      • Understood. Thanks for being honest in discussion.

      • Always will. As will you. 🙂

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