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Small Business Spotlight – With Grace Photography

October 28, 2013
Cute Wedding Moment by With Grace Photography of Milford, DE

I’ve always been curious how a photography business would start.  I have several friends with obvious talent in photography.  Some have no interest in making a career or income of their photography, preferring only to use their talents with their own family and friends.

Others, with the prodding of friends, encouragement of family, and occasional outrage at current pricing have struck out on their own.  Forming your own small business is a daunting enterprise with great risk.  One such risk-taker is a good friend of mine, Heather Mott, owner of With Grace Photography.

How did With Grace Photography start?

Heather tells me she has always been interested in photography.  When choosing electives in eighth grade (over ten years ago) her first choice was photography.  After finding the photography class full, she settled for another favorite, floriculture.

Nine years later, after high school, a stint in the Navy, marriage, and a beautiful baby boy, she encountered the world of newborn photography.  In her own words,

“After having my first child, I refused to pay the outrageous prices for portraits of my newborn and decided to do his shoot on my own, in the comfort of my own living room, working at his pace and comfort, rather than that of a pricey studio.

Baby picture from With Grace Photography's first Baby Shoot.

Baby picture from With Grace Photography’s first Baby Shoot.

I was very happy with the outcome, but even more so when a friend saw his portraits hanging on the wall and asked where I took him to have them done.  She thought they were so impressive that she wanted to go to the same “studio”.  She really opened up my eyes to the idea that I had some true talent.”

A few years later she purchased her first DSLR camera, a Nikon D5100.

Her first paid shoot came as a favor to a coworker looking for an affordable wedding photographer.  Afterwards, she found that she drastically undervalued her services, but viewed it as a welcome learning experience.  After shooting the wedding and delivering the prints, and ecstatic bride and groom taught her another valuable lesson – a lesson about believing in herself.

With Grace Photography was founded in 2006.  Since then Heather has done school portraits, baseball team pictures, wedding photography, and newborn sessions.  In addition, she dabbles in landscapes as a personal hobby.  Although she has experience with most types of photography, Heather specializes in event and portrait photography with a focus on natural lighting.  She still offers lower than average pricing in an effort to help people in various financial situations.

What is With Grace Photography’s service area?

I suppose I should mention here that Heather is a busy mommy with three boys.  Her service area varies slightly depending on her schedule, but she normally works within a 30 mile radius of Milford, Delaware.  If she is going to be traveling out of state, she is glad to schedule portrait sessions wherever she may be.  As with most photographers, scheduling early is suggested if you want to reserve a particular date.

With Grace Photography is a small but growing business.  Heather has a natural way with children that allows her to create very unique and special portraits that capture a child’s personality and life.

Supporting this type of small local business supports your local economy while getting a great product without sacrificing value.

Here are a few more samples from With Grace Photography

Boy's School Portrait by With Grace Photography

Boy’s School Portrait by With Grace Photography

Girl's School Portrait by With Grace Photography of Milford, Delaware

Adorable School Portrait by With Grace Photography

A Beautiful New York Landscape by With Grace Photography of Milford, Delaware

A Beautiful New York Landscape by With Grace Photography

Beautiful Family Portrait by With Grace Photography of Milford, Delaware

Beautiful Family Portrait by With Grace Photography

Thanks for reading,


Quote of the day – with photography for a subject no less.

“Life is like a camera.  Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out – just take another shot.” ~~ Unknown

  1. Amazing talent!!!

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