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Small Business Spotlight – Bethany Morford and Simply Said

October 12, 2013

One market that seems to be overloaded these days is Home Decorating and Interior Design.  Everyone wants to tell you how to decorate your home, frequently removing your personality and preferences from the mix.

Let me introduce you to a company that is bucking the trend, and a businesswoman who is just starting to carve a niche for herself in Pennsylvania.

Simply Said

While I am NOT a home decorator and my notions of interior design are very limited, I have seen many sayings and designs that caught my eye.  Good quotes and catchy slogans particularly catch my eye, but the options go far beyond quotes and slogans.

Beautiful quote about Mothers designed by Simply Said independent consultant Bethany Morford

Beautiful quote about Mothers designed by Simply Said independent consultant Bethany Morford

So, what is Simply Said?  Simply Said is a direct sales company providing resources for interior decorating.  Their mission statement is

“Sharing the power of language to make a positive impact in people’s lives by offering inspiration, humor, comfort and encouragement through creative expression.”

They provide quality home decor items, specializing in custom cut vinyl designs in more than 50 different colors.  They range from very small accents or words to large logos and signs.  Speaking of logos and signs, this is a large out-door design.

Beautiful farm sign featuring a Simply Said design

Bethany Morford, Independent Consultant for Simply Said

Bethany Morford is a local elementary teacher five days each week for nine months of the year.  She loves “her” children and the opportunity to shape young lives.  However, in the evenings and on the weekends she does something very different.  She is Central Pennsylvania’s local Simply Said consultant.

I asked Mrs Morford where her interest in interior decorating started.  See if you can relate to this.

Simply Said Independent Consultant Bethany Morford

Simply Said Independent Consultant Bethany Morford

I have been interested in interior decorating since I was very little. When my mom would tell me to clean my room, it was not uncommon that I became a tv show host, showing exactly where to put each item and explaining why it looked nice in that location.

As I’ve grown older, I don’t have time or talent enough to host a tv show, but I have found some fantastic products that make beautiful decorating easy, so I love sharing them with the people I meet.

I also asked Bethany why she chose Simply Said.  Here is her response.

I chose Simply Said because of God’s guidance. We were going through a tough time financially. My husband had been laid off. The fact that there were no local consultants (the nearest one was 3 hours away) and the fact that someone helped me with the start-cost made it very cost-effective and practical for me to join. Their benefits and pay are great, but more importantly, the friendships and mentoring I have received have added so much to my life.

Why do I like Simply Said?

Simply Said has a very unique product.  Their vinyls are highly adaptable and can be customized with your choice of design, lettering, font, and size.  They make seasonal decor much easier, eliminating the hours of stencils and paint.  Their high level of customization makes their product unique.

For more information about Simply Said and Independent Consultant Bethany Morford, check out her website or her Facebook Page.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts,


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