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All Hail the (Drama) Queen

October 6, 2013

We’ve all seen someone throw a tantrum.  Maybe it was the child in the grocery store who lies kicking and screaming in the floor.  Maybe it was the disgruntled friend who wouldn’t attend the wedding because he wasn’t asked to be a part of it.  Maybe it was the mother-in-law who avoids her daughter-in-law like the plague because her turkey and stuffing weren’t properly complemented.  Whatever the age or gender, no one looks good throwing a temper tantrum.

Most of us also know someone we would consider a “Drama Queen.”  Someone who is reduced to tears at the slightest hint of opposition, who whines, cajoles, berates, stomps, whimpers, and generally does whatever is necessary to get their own way.  They huff and puff their way through life, wearing their emotions on their sleeves for all to see, expecting you and I to acquiesce to their every whim.

In my opinion, we’ve had the opportunity to watch a colossal temper tantrum thrown by a major drama queen this week.  Who is this drama queen?  President Barack Obama.

Presidential Drama

Our president apparently LOVES drama.  At the drop of the hat he drops the “race card,” insinuating that the only reason one would have for disagreeing with him is his race.  He blames every budget crisis on the pro-life crowd, claiming that conservatives don’t care about women’s health.  He proclaims to all who will listen that conservatives don’t care about the middle class.  He does everything possible to shift and divert attention from real issues while forcing his wishes on the American people.

At no point does our President seem to interested in representing the American people or their best interests.

For a little idea of just how well our President is representing America, you can participate in a poll currently being run by Newsmax.  According to current results, 80% of those polled support Republicans in shutting the government down to defund Obama-care.  57% believe that Obama-care should be repealed completely.  68% of Americans believe that President Obama is primarily responsible for the federal government shutdown.

Presidential disappointment

As the country voices its disappointment and opposition to the President’s healthcare law, the House of Representatives is, for once, attempting to represent its constituency.  Over the past couple weeks, the House of Representatives has passed several different budgets.  They have offered compromises on several fronts, holding to only one major point.  The House Republicans want to delay, or even better defund Obama-care.

Understanding that Obama-care is neither desired by America nor in its best interests, our leader has vowed to veto any budget which in any way interferes with his pet project.  After years of promoting it to the American people, he is unwilling to accept their desires.  He fully intends to push his agenda on the entire nation.

Presidential tantrum

Now, having failed to pass a budget, the government is in a partial shutdown.  Our President’s response is typical of a three year old in the grocery store.  As the prospect of being deprived of his favorite legislation looms, he is lashing out loudly and without reason at anyone who might oppose him.  This includes the you and me, the average Americans.  Here are some of the things he is doing.

  1. He has miss-appropriated government funds and personnel to keep citizens from viewing normally unmanned, open-air monuments.  This includes keeping veterans from viewing the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C. and shutting down national monuments such as Mount Rushmore, even going so far as to keep motorists from pulling over on nearby roadways to view this national treasure.
  2. He has forced the closure of privately owned and run businesses on government property.  You can find one good example of this here.  This business owner is being forced to close his private business during peak season.
  3. He has even attempted to close off 1100 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean!  According to this article, “this is not about saving money during the government shutdown; Just the opposite, the NPS is spending more man hours and tons more money to make sure Americans don’t enjoy those things they (pay) for with their taxes.

As you can see, our President is acting more like a petulant child than a mature leader.

What role can you play in this presidential drama?

As any concerned parent knows, allowing tantrums does nothing to help a child.  This needs to be stopped somehow.  While I am not certain that President Obama will listen, we need to unite our voices in a nation-wide cry of disapproval.  Contact your representatives and let them know you support them in their stand against Obama-care.  If they support this legislation, kindly make sure that they know where you stand on the issue.  Contact the White House.  Be involved.

Right now, Obama has the strongest mandate of his Presidential career.  America does not want Obama-care.  Raise your voice, be heard, make a difference.

Thank you for reading,


A Quote for the Day

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

~ Edmund Burke, Irish political philosopher, often regarded as the father of modern Conservatism.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke, Irish political philosopher

Edmund Burke, Irish political philosopher


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  1. Actually it’s not the President who drops the race card but many of our TV personalities. As you see I don’t call them newsmen or newswomen. You write well but really not something I would follow.

  2. Dave, I listened to all of these and he does not seem to be using the race card for gain but to explain, some were in direct answers to people asking questions. Listen again, especially to March 19, 2013 (Obama, race and class). I remember Kennedy having to deal with being Catholic and people’s fear we would be ruled by Rome if he became President. It never went away for some people. As an adult I moved to the south and was Catholic and had people ask me why I worshiped idols, I would say I didn’t and they would tell me I did, I would try and explain but those that asked were never going to believe me. I have heard many people express that they feared blacks even my family which is strange because black is the only race we’re missing. I am going to follow you because we all need to listen to each other even if we don’t agree, and start a conversation. And you really are a good writer.

    • I have to admit I struggle with conflicting thoughts in reading your response. First, I am sorry that you have experienced the unique sensation of being so thoroughly misunderstood. Discrimination comes in many forms.

      I was born approximately 18 years after JFK’s assassination, so I can’t relate to that particular scenario. I am a conservative, protestant, white, male – seemingly the most entitled group from which one can come. In spite of this, I too have experienced the distinct sense of unease that comes when one is viewed as odd, different, and unknown.

      I have been in parts of America where I and my family were the only white people in the neighborhood and noticed that every pair of eyes along the street followed us. I have been in a crowd and watched it split open before me as people pushed more tightly together to avoid the stranger, the white guy.

      I have lived for 4 years in eastern Europe, where the majority of people had the same skin color as mine, and experienced the same sense of unease. I remember being mocked for my gait, for holding my head up and looking around as I walked. As time passed and I learned more about the natives of the area, I began to blend in with them and the mocking ceased.

      I understand that Obama has been misunderstood, perhaps with great regularity. I understand that African Americans have been terribly wronged in America’s past. However, it seems to me that sometimes instead of focusing on the issues involved our President chooses to focus on the colors involved. This too, IF I am correctly understanding him, is tragic.

      Contrary to popular opinion, I DO believe that each race is intrinsically different. They are different not in their value as human beings, but in their heritage, customs, and formative experiences. While these differences don’t change a person’s value, they can definitely lead to misunderstandings. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could learn about and enjoy the best traits of those around us instead of holding them at a distance?

      Thanks for following my blog, and for sharing your thoughts with me. I apologize for taking so long to respond.


      • Dave,

        I have to take back my comment that we don’t have blacks in the family. We now do. Doesn’t change anything just correcting myself.

        I too have experienced in the recent past comments such as ” you’re racist” by a black co worker after I reprimanded a black staff member, that was my job as supervisor. A friend who is as so black told me to ignore said person because she was the raciest one.
        You are right that each race has differences and our society with it’s politically correct speaking, has put a side our difference and sameness with
        I visit me cousin in England yearly, and the difference in how we relate to people is amazing.
        My daughter lives in Ireland and has learned that you can’t just say what you think unless you know the person well.I visit there every year also, my looks are Irish but when I open my mouth the shop keepers change their attitudes. My daughter does better with this because she was raised in a Southern town with a Southern father.

        But it would be wonderful if we could enjoy the best traits of those around us instead of holding them at a distance.

        Your blog is interesting. Please read WE ARE DIFFERENT on my blog. And leave me a comment of what you think.

        Luanna (sothislife) wordpress

        Conversation is wonderful.

  3. Dave, I just wanted to comment on the first paragraph. I should have bee a completely separate post. Loved it. Yes I know drama queens and they make me crazy but I must admit that I have be one before.


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