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Fresh Produce From My Garden

September 1, 2013

I suppose to some I would be a rather silly gardener.  I enjoy planting and growing many things that I don’t like to eat.  However, I have been encouraged this year by both my harvest and my knowledge gained.

I posted this spring about my plans for expanding my garden and increasing its yield.  Again this year, some areas have been more successful than others, but overall I am pleased with the results.

Here are a couple of picture of produce from my garden this year.

Gardening successes

Fresh Roma Tomatoes picked from my garden on Saturday, August 31

We have been enjoying fresh tomatoes for a couple of weeks.  These we picked in preparation for an attempt at making our own ketchup on Monday.  All of these came from a space about two feet wide and fifteen feet long.


Fresh Cucumbers from my garden this week

Our cucumbers did well this year.  Two plants gave us three or four fresh cucumbers a week for about six weeks this summer.  I tried growing my cucumbers on a trellis this year, with great results.

Bell Peppers from my garden

I planted peppers with my roses again this year, and while they haven’t done quite as nicely as last year, they have bushed out and produced nicely.  I also planted some (about six weeks later) in my new flower bed along the side of the house.  These are only now starting to produce fruit, but the plants are about three feet high and bushed out nicely and I expect to get a bunch of nice peppers this year.

On a side note, my wife tells me they are delicious.

One more success this year was my lettuce.  We enjoyed fresh lettuce for at least two months this year.  The only major setback came when my three year old son thought he would help me water the lettuce but chose to use the gas can instead of the watering can.  I was very grateful at that point that my lettuce was in a container, not in a flower bed.  I planted more lettuce in my flower bed after that and enjoyed lettuce for another month and a half.

Gardening improvement

Sugar Baby Watermelons from my garden - dwarf variety.

I love watermelon, and have tried several times to grow them with very limited success.  While these are a distinct improvement over the baseball sized melons I got last year, I’m still trying to figure out how to get them to a normal size.  These are sugar babies, and I realize that they should be smaller than other melons, but the larger of these is still only about five inches in diameter.

Gardening Failure

Solitary decorative pumpkin from my garden last week.

So…. this was the only pumpkin I got from my garden this year.  I had six hills and enough vines to fill most of my ten foot square garden spot, but got only two small pumpkins.  One of those was rotten before when I picked it.  It looks as if I will be switching varieties for next year, and doing some reading this winter in preparation.

Preparing for next years garden

Although my peppers are still bearing, I’ve already started to rip out the plants that are done and till the small plot that I had my melons and pumpkins in.


I’m looking forward to gardening again next year and enjoying God’s creation.



Feel free to share pictures or stories from your garden this year.


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