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Beginning again – Garden 2013

June 11, 2013

My Garden in June of 2012

Garden 2012 – An Auspicious Beginning – a Forgettable Ending

Last year I posted several times about my garden.  I posted about the benefits of kitchen gardens.  I shared pictures of the first of my cucumbers.  I thought that my little garden was going to do well.

Then, everything (from this picture at least) started to fall apart.  Deer came from the woods and demolished my five rows of green beans.  Most of them survived the first attack, only to be raided again two weeks later.  Then my cucumbers (on the left) and squash (in the middle) just dried up and died over in about 3 days.  At first, I thought that they were victims of the walnut trees in the background.  Later, after a little investigation I found that they were more likely done in by a squash bug.  I’m still looking for a way to combat the squash bugs.

Finally, my watermelons (to small to notice here – on the far right) survived the pests but only produced fruits the size of my fist.

So, after a flurry of early posts about my garden and my great aspirations, I failed to find anything noteworthy about which to post after mid-summer.

Now, armed with a little more experience and knowledge, I am trying again.

Garden 2013 – A New Strategy

After last years failures in my regular garden plot, I decided to focus my energies this year on the raised beds I had available to me.

Planting Tomatoes

My most rewarding and productive part of my garden last year was my tomatoes.  I planted them in a flower bed with my climbing rose bush and found that they co-habited nicely.  This year, I decided to put tomatoes in the raised bed with the rose bush again, but I allowed a little more space.  Last year I put twelve plants into this space.  This year, I planted five tomato plants and one cucumber at the far end to share the trellis with my rose.

Growing Leaf Lettuce in a Container

This too was a highlight of last years gardening adventure.  I planted lettuce in a plastic basin purchased from Aldi.  I loved being able to move it as needed in response to the weather.  I enjoyed fresh leaf lettuce from this for almost two months.  This year I am hoping to replicate last years success.

Extending my flower bed for more garden space

In an attempt to increase raised bed space, I extended my “flower” bed.  I live in a mobile home, and I now have increased my space significantly with a “flower” bed running 70 feet along the back of my trailer and measuring about 2 feet across.  I only added about 2 inches of dirt, so it isn’t really raised that much.  I put wildflowers in the first 3 feet or so at the front corner of my home, and  a double row of green beans (not up yet) running back about the next 20 feet.  I am also adding peppers and tomatoes in the additional space.

Learning Life Lessons While Gardening

As this blog has a primarily political bent, I couldn’t help noticing a couple lessons from my gardening.

  1. Ignorance is no excuse for not trying.  Last years attempts were met with mixed results.  I learned some things that worked well (the tomatoes and lettuce) and some that didn’t (the green beans and gourds).  However, if I hadn’t tried, I would be no better off than I was before the attempt was made.  Ignorance is not an excuse for inactivity in the political sphere either.
  2. Methods and strategies should be updated for improved success.  Trying the same things I did last year should net me about the same results.  I am trying to improve last years methods and expect different and better results.  Giving up after one try would be a waste of effort expended and knowledge gained.  Likewise, in the political sphere, one failed attempt should not be a reason for giving up – it should be a learning experience.

As Henry Ford once said,

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts,



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