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Primary Voting – a primary concern

May 21, 2013

Today began like many others.  I was running a couple of minutes later than I would have liked as I dashed out the door and jumped into the car.  I thought about how pretty the fog would have been if I wasn’t in a hurry.  I made it to work (on time) with a sigh of relief and began a day of work that might best be described as frenetic – both physically and mentally.

Just another day, right?

Actually, here in Pennsylvania, today was the scheduled Republican Primary Election.

Following my busy day at work.  I hurried home, and went promptly to vote.  I was appalled by the apparent lack of interest.

Why is no one interested in “off-year” elections?

I’m sure the reasons people have for neglecting the poles today are many and varied.  Some forgot, some never heard when the primaries were, some decided they were simply too busy, and others are still burned out from the vicious Presidential election cycle we just came through last year.

However, the low interest and low turnout in the non-presidential elections is disturbing and dangerous.

Why are the “off-year” elections important?

There are several reasons why these elections are important.

First, local and regional offices are important, and often have a more direct impact on daily life than the many federal offices do.

Second, a large number of ballot initiatives are voted on in these elections.  In my county, there was an initiative to license small gambling establishments such as the Foreign Legion and the Moose for activities like bingo.

Third, your vote can have a much larger impact in these elections which traditionally have a much smaller turnout.  When I voted this evening in rural Pennsylvania, there had only been about 100 ballots cast all day if I understand correctly.

Fourth, voting is a great privilege, but carries with it a great responsibility.  We should, as patriotic citizens, be glad to be involved in our system of government.

In conclusion, I urge you to carefully and cautiously exercise your right as an American citizen and vote in your local primaries.  For Pennsylvanian’s who haven’t already voted, it is now too late to participate in this years primary.  If your primary has not yet occurred, be prepared, be informed, and vote.


Did you vote in your state's primary elections?

Did you vote in your state’s primary elections?


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