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Milestones – Personal, Political, and Presidential

September 23, 2012

Personal Milestones – DeliberatingDave reaches 1,000 hits

Deliberating Dave has influenced 1,000 people to be more deliberate about voting

DeliberatingDave has Reached a Milestone – 1,000 hits

So I got home from church tonight to discover that my blog has now been visited 1,000 times.  While I don’t believe that signifies any great importance or influence on my part, I hope that I have been at least somewhat successful in causing people to be deliberate in their approach to politics in general, and voting in particular.

I am becoming more and more convinced that failing to vote is an almost tragic neglect of one’s right and responsibility as an American citizen.  Not voting is in some cases even worse than voting for the “wrong” candidate.  Men and women have died so that citizens of the United States of America could participate in a representative government.  Our opportunity to participate comes most squarely into view on election day.

I am also convinced that voting uninformed is an irresponsible misuse of your voting privilege.  I am not saying that everyone should vote as I do, but with the wealth of information available, failing to research the candidates on both the Presidential ballot  and the local ballot is at best irresponsible.

I hope you have been encouraged to do your homework and participate in this election cycle.

Political Milestones – Congressional Candidates with a Record

The Capitol Building - Workplace for our voted representatives

The Capitol Building – Workplace for our voted representatives

We have now reached three years as a nation without a budget of any type, balanced or not.  The Republican Party has been successful in passing a budget through the House of Representatives, but partisan politics have kept that budget from any real consideration in the Senate.  The Democrat Party has yet to present a budget that will pass either branch of Congress.

This is only one of the many actions of our representatives that is open for public record.  Incumbent candidates are marking milestones – years, terms, and careers in politics are being accumulated.  It is time we grade their job performance and vote accordingly.

Presidential Milestones – Election in Forty-five Days

Vote in the November 6 Presidential Election

As we enter the “home stretch” of this election cycle, we (the American people) will be lobbied with thousands of pleas to vote for a certain candidate.  Each will point out minute flaws of the other, make much of misspoken words, and promise change.

If you only listen to what you hear on the radio or on television, the next forty-five days could be both confusing and misleading.

It is vital that you go back to the basics.  Do your research.  Find out what the candidates think is important.  Compare their views and values to your own.  Check out their track records.  Be informed.

As you are responsible in your research, you can effectively serve your country by voting in this vital election.

Thanks for taking the time to deliberate over my musings,



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