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Voter Fraud and The Solution – Voter ID Required

August 19, 2012

What is Voter Fraud?

Voter fraud is the act of voting illegally.  This can happen in a variety of ways.  In many states, a person doesn’t have to show I.D. and can simply show up, give a name that is on the roll, and vote.  Also, there are several states that do not require you to prove your citizenship in someway when registering to vote.  This allows many illegal immigrants the possibility of voting, exercising a right that is supposed to be reserved for those who are citizens of our great nation.

This actually encompasses registration fraud as well,  but the two are frequently lumped together.

What Pennsylvania is Doing about Voter Fraud

Pennsylvania recently passed a law requiring some form of photo I.D. to vote.  The qualifications for a valid photo I.D. are as follows.

  • It must state the name of the individual, and the name must closely match the name on the voter roll.
  • It must include a photo
  • It must be issued by one of these sources:  The U.S. government, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a municipality of Pennsylvania to an employee of the municipality, an accredited PA private or public institution of higher learning or a PA care facility
  • It must have an expiration date and it must not be expired.

This allows such documents as a drivers license, ID card from PennDOT, or a student ID.  The process for obtaining one of these is not prohibitive and is in fact fairly easy to satisfy.

If you cannot produce acceptable photo ID when the time comes to vote, you are still allowed the opportunity to vote a provisional ballot, which will then be held for six days to allow you to find your ID and bring it in.  If you do not provide ID the ballot will not be counted.

Is Voter Fraud an Issue?

Everyone remembers the presidential elections of 2000.  There were numerous counts and recounts in a couple of counties in Florida while people tried to determine the “intent” of the voters.

What many people don’t remember is the widespread allegations of voter fraud in metropolitan areas across the nation.  Many came forward and admitted to voting multiple times under different names.

In recent times, it has been those very metropolitan areas that have narrowly carried the state of Pennsylvania for the more liberal candidate.  Thus it becomes obvious why the liberal candidates would hesitate at any reform intending to verify the registration and voting process.

I personally applaud the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for taking this step.  It is long overdue, supported by the vast majority of Americans, and befits a nation with a history of ensuring fairness and equal rights to voters.

Thanks for taking the time to read my research,


For more information on voter fraud and solutions check out these excellent articles by Jon N. Hall

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