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Obamacare – a tax on life

June 29, 2012

What is “Obamacare”?

“Obamacare” is the name given to President Obama’s sweeping reform of healthcare.  Officially, it is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  A document of over 2000 pages, it wasn’t given to many of the representatives who originally voted on it in it’s entirety until mere hours before the vote took place.  While it was heralded as a necessary and helpful reform, it amounts to not one, but twenty-one different new taxes on the American public.  Basically, “Obamacare” forces every American to participate in some form of health insurance, allows the government more control of the healthcare industry, and restricts the choices of it’s participants.

Who wants “Obamacare”?

According to President Obama, much of America needs his health plan.  However, according recent surveys, very few Americans support the plan.  In fact, many in the presidents own Democrat Party are no longer willing to support the plan.  Before it was exposed as a massive tax increase, it was more palatable.  Now, it is so unpopular with voters that very few are willing to associate with it.  How we got it in the first place is another subject, for another time.

What does “Obamacare” mean to me?

To me, “Obamacare” is many things, and none of them are good.

  • As a proud American, “Obamacare” is a disturbing reminder that one man with the help of the media can force his agenda on an entire nation of mostly unwilling participants.  This brings men such as Hitler and Stalin to mind.
  • As a worker and contributor to our economy, “Obamacare” is frightening because of the implications it will have for healthcare costs for employers.  As these costs rise, it becomes more difficult for employers to pay a good wage, which has a direct effect on quality, production, and efficiency.
  • As a husband and provider, “Obamacare” is an omen of even tougher times to come.  While inflation continues to go up, “Obamacare” will make it harder for me to earn wage increases, will increase my cost for healthcare, and will decrease my options for finding good healthcare.

President Obama once said that he would rather be a “really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.”  He seems to have aspirations of leaving a legacy and being remembered as more than just one name in a list, however remarkable that list may be.  In my opinion, he is creating a legacy that will cause him to be remembered in infamy.

I truly hope that he will be a “one-term president.”  The option of being a good one has been left far behind.

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Thomas Jefferson's opinion on Obamacare - "To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."

Quote of the Day from Thomas Jefferson


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  1. Howard Dean (democrat) says obalmycare is a bailout of the insurance companies in return for bribes (contributions) they paid out to BOTH democrats and republicans. That’s why republicans only put up token resistance to it.

    What industry wouldn’t want the government to force 50,000,000 people to become customers overnight?

    Of course, none of these “conservatives” bitched when auto insurance became mandatory. This is largely modeled after that.

    “People get the government they deserve.” – John Updike/Author

  2. First, thank you for reading and responding to my post. The idea you present makes some sense to me. However, in my opinion it has one major drawback.

    Yes, there will be a huge increase in revenue to insurance companies with 50,000,000 new customers. However, there will also be a huge increase in claims as companies are now forced to insure even those with pre-existing terminal conditions. I don’t believe that anyone can accurately predict what the ratios might be, but I know that one course of chemo-therapy or radiation is extremely costly and could off-set several years of premium payments from multiple customers.

    I am not naive enough to believe that insurance companies will no longer make a profit. I think they would cease operations rather than operate at a loss. I believe that the increased costs of insuring the chronically and terminally sick will be shared by the healthy among us. You and I will provide healthcare for the masses.

    Finally, I’m curious what would have qualified as more than token resistance.

    Thanks again for reading and for sharing your opinion.


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