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Why gardening?

April 23, 2012

Why add a page on gardening to a political blog?

So, if you’ve been here before, you know that the majority of my posts have a political emphasis.  I am very interested in encouraging people to vote, and to be informed when they vote.  However, that is only one of my hobbies.

I have some limited experience in gardening from my childhood,and I am attempting to add to what I already know.  I published a post last week on the benefits of gardening, and you can view it here. Gardening has been something I have enjoyed tremendously in the past, and I hope to get the same joy, and some healthy food, out of gardening again.

Gardening as a hobby

While I wouldn’t exactly call myself a “gentleman-farmer” with my tiny kitchen garden, I wouldn’t say either that my survival depends on the success of my garden.  Therefore, I guess this would fall under the category of a hobby.  However, I intend to enjoy fresh vegetables from my little garden for several weeks this summer and fall, and if all goes well perhaps preserve some too.

I get great satisfaction out of seeing things grow.  In fact, it is a point of some amusement in our family that I like to grow things that I don’t care to eat.  Whether I personally eat the things I grow or share them with others, the satisfaction of growing something is enhanced by the contribution I can make to a healthy life-style.

What is in my little garden?

Well, to date we have started cucumbers and peppers inside, and are waiting for an “all-clear” to do more serious planting outdoors.  I intend to grow…. tomatoes, green beans, pumpkins, watermelons, and the cucumbers and peppers I already mentioned.  Hopefully, as time progresses I can post pictures and progress reports.

Here are a couple of pictures that might interest you now.

My little kitchen garden spot

My little garden - don't laugh too hard, it is a work in progress.

Robin's nest in the shed near my garden

I found this nest in the door of our shed when I was getting out my hoe and rake to work in the garden. I'm not sure how the robin got in.



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