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Regrets – choosing between lesser candidates

April 11, 2012

Yesterday marked the end of the 2012 presidential campaign of Rick Santorum.

I had not yet “endorsed” any candidate on this blog as I was planning to wait until a day or two before our Pennsylvania primaries. Now, I won’t have the opportunity to endorse the candidate with whom I most closely relate.  This leaves me with regrets on several fronts.

First, I would like to think that I have at least some small influence. If properly brought to bear this influence might have made a difference locally. Now, the primaries in Pennsylvania have become far less significant. Local elections are important, and have lasting repercussions. If Santorum had stayed in the race, I think there would have been a better turnout in our primaries, and therefore, a better sampling of the opinions of Pennsylvanians.  However, these are not my biggest concerns.

I am now left with the dubious choice of supporting a candidate I don’t really trust or supporting a candidate with no chance of winning.

I cannot vote for Obama in the general election, and I find it difficult to distinguish between the policies and agendas of Obama and Romney. Obama’s actions in his first term have had disastrous effects on our nation, both immediate and lasting.  In fact, it is in my opinion a great testament to American spirit and ingenuity that the economy is finally starting to rebound in spite of Obama’s economic policies.
Santorum presented a strong contrast to Obama.  Mitt Romney definitely does not.  Why should I expect other Americans to feel good about voting for a candidate who is not truly different from his opponent?

I am afraid this event effectively gives the general election to Barack Hussein Obama for a second term.

I still plan to exercise my right and obligation to vote, but I am unsure now whom to support. I wish I had the opportunity to cast my vote in favor of Santorum.  I intend to carefully and deliberately think out my options and continue to be a responsible citizen of this great nation. I hope you will join me in this endeavor.  We can, as individuals, affect change in our communities.  The effects of our actions may even be felt someday on a national level.  One voice DOES make a difference.  Please don’t fail to use yours.

Thanks for taking the time to peruse my thoughts,



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