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Do Morals Matter?

March 5, 2012

The philosophy of the day is tolerance.  No matter what one does, it is acceptable since it is just an expression of who that person really is.  With all the talk of tolerance, one might begin to wonder if morals matter in any phase of life.  It is my opinion that morals DO matter in every phase of life, but I want to demonstrate why they matter in two specific areas right now.

Why morals matter in business.

Morals matter in business for several reasons, and to all parties involved.  Here are some of the reasons why.

Morals matter to the employer.

Morals matter to the employer of any business, regardless of size.  An employer who treats employees right will attract the kind of quality employees needed to insure quality and efficiency.  An employer with good morals will keep his books up to date and will avoid situations that might jeopardize his business.  An employer with good moral values will be quicker to recognize those values in potential employees, and should have a lower turnover rate and a higher satisfaction rate during any employee’s time of service.

Morals matter to the employee

The employee with good moral values will work harder than his counterpart who is willing to let anything go.  Because of his good moral values, he is more likely to push himself to excel, and therefore more likely to hold on to his job.  Also, as his work ethic (tied to his idea of fairness) will help him to be recognized for raises and promotions.  For those who live in America, almost anything is possible if you are willing to simply work hard enough.

Morals matter to the producer of goods

Any business is based on the creation of goods or services in order to sell them.  The producer or manufacturer of these things has tremendous need of moral values in his dealings.  Honesty and fairness with vendors will help to maintain a supply of raw materials.  Politeness, honesty and integrity with consumers will help to insure repeat business.  These morals values, or the lack thereof, will drive or destroy any business.

A good example of a morally responsible businessman would be my mechanic.  Last week, I had some car trouble that was slightly more than I was able to fix.  When I took my vehicle to the mechanic, I told him that I thought I was also going to need four tires, and asked that he order and install them for me.  Later that afternoon, I received a call from him, explaining that the tires I had should have at least four to five more months of wear remaining without causing danger.

Many businessmen of our day would have gone ahead with four new tires.  I, sadly, wouldn’t have been any wiser if that had happened.  However, over time these things build a reputation for a man.  My mechanic understood the value of being honest, and understands that as he treats customers right, he builds loyalty that results in return business.

Morals matter to the consumer

There are several ways that morals matter to the consumer.  Immoral actions such as stealing and destruction of property by consumers cause some businesses to close up.  Buying pirated or stolen goods undermines the honest and fair businesses that produced the original work.  A morally responsible group of consumers can positively effect change in a companies policies with a boycott if they work together.

In each of these ways, and many more, morals matter in business.

So, if we agree that morals matter in business, we should remember that POLITICS IS BUSINESS.

The argument could be made that the average American citizen holds each roles I mentioned within the political system.  However, there is one aspect that is brought to everyone’s attention at this particular time.  We, as American’s are in the process of choosing a new leader.  We are “interviewing” candidates in a process that started almost immediately after the current leader took office.  Each candidate is pitching their unique abilities and skills that would make them an “ideal” fit for the job of President of The United States.  Many departments (states) have already started to narrow down the list of candidates in a process we call “primary elections.”  We, as American citizens, are responsible for making the right choice, for choosing a candidate that will lead us forward and represent us honestly to the rest of the world.  If we settle for an easy “electable candidate,” we must settle for the views and morals of that candidate as our leader and representation to the entire world.

The thrust of my ramblings for the past few months has been to motivate the average American to exercise his right and responsibility to participate in our democracy.  Many brave men have died that we might enjoy our freedoms.  Whatever your views, whether they agree with mine or not, this is your opportunity to let your voice be heard, to effect change, to make a difference.

Don’t fail to use it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings,



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