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Socialist America

January 6, 2012

While I couldn’t and wouldn’t tell you that America is now a socialist nation, we are much closer now than most would like to believe.  For many years we have been voting in those people who promised to make life easier for us, without considering all of the possible results.  Many of the campaign promises that have been fulfilled have been steps that moved us closer to socialism.  Slogans like “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage,” and a “New Deal” are examples of these.  While the first (a product of the Herber Hoover Campaign) was not fulfilled because of the Great Depression, the second (attributed to Franklin Delano Roosevelt) was fulfilled in ways that still affect us today.  The social security system we all enjoy today was a part of the “New Deal.”  The notorious TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) was one of the first government attempts to create jobs and was also a part of the “New Deal.”  These were both steps toward socialism.  One of the more common ways to measure a countries nearness to socialism is comparing government spending to the GDP ( Gross Domestic Product).  Here is a graph that shows government spending as a percentage of the GDP from 1903 to present.

The first and most obvious observation are the two spikes, representing World War I and World War II.  After that the two biggest jumps in the graph are in the early 1930’s and the late 2000’s.  The one in the 1930’s just happens to coincide with the election of FDR and the implementation of his programs.  The one in the late 2000’s marks the beginning of the Obama administration, and the government buyouts of large corporations.  Both of these are disastrous events.  Some historians even believe that these types of initiatives actually prolong a recession, instead of boosting an economy out of depression.  However, regardless of their immediate effect on the economy, they were bad decisions as they led us down a path that leads to socialism.  Each of these programs left us more dependent on, and more controlled by, the government.  That is why they are viewed as steps toward socialism.

This then is a trend that we would do well to reverse.  It is going to be a painful process in many ways, but if we value the freedom, it is a necessary one.  There are probably more parts to this process than I am aware of, but here is a partial list.

  • We must hold our representatives fiscally responsible.  If I spent money I didn’t have the way our government does, I would quickly find myself imprisoned or starving.  The average American homemaker does a better job of balancing incomes and expenditures than our government.
  • We must not complain if some of the government programs in our area disappear due to lack of funding.  As we become better able to live within our means, we become less dependent on our government.  As our government learns to “live within it’s means,” there will be many changes.  Embrace them as choices of courageous people making tough decisions.
  • We must work hard at our jobs – do work that you can be proud of.  Work ethic on a personal level is a big part of what made America great.  Hard work is still recognized and rewarded in the workplace, and it is still the best way to provide for yourself and your family.
  • We must do our due diligence when electing new representation.  We have the opportunity to fire (vote out) poor representation, and hire (vote in) new representation.  Know if your representatives are doing their jobs.  On a side note, how many of us would hire someone to manage our home without first finding out a little about their qualifications?  We should be just as diligent in our choice of management for our nation.

We have a monumental choice facing us as Americans.  If we want our government to supply our every need, that can happen.  However, it will be at the cost of every freedom we hold dear.  If we relish our freedoms, we must return to personal responsibility, and do all we can to cause our government to do the same.

Since our government is a reflection of our culture, we must change our culture.  We must, each of us, resolve to exemplify the values we would like our country to be known for again.

Although I am only one, I can affect those around me, and I can effect change.  I can make a difference, and so can you.


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