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Viable Candidate

December 30, 2011

Viable Candidate is over-used

There was a study released in the last couple days that listed the “most overused or abused phrases” in the English language for the last year.  While I couldn’t really comment on the authority of that study, I would like to project one phrase for the 2012 edition of that list.

The phrase that I am already becoming tired of is “Viable Candidate.”

A Viable Candidate is not necessarily the Best Candidate

At some point we as Americans seem to have decided that an electable candidate is more important than the best candidate.  This goes contrary to the entire idea of our system of government.  If I believe that one person is more qualified than another, that person should get my vote.  If I vote for a less qualified but more electable candidate, especially in the primaries, I am failing in my duty as an American citizen.  The whole purpose of the primaries is to get the best possible candidate in the opinion of each area or region.  Then at caucus one candidate is selected from the group to represent the party.  If we are willing to compromise even in the primaries based on the perceived strength of the expected opponent, then we should be willing to compromise when that less than perfect candidate waffles from the positions we hold most dear.

Electing the Best Candidate

I would love to see each American become active in the electoral process.  Each has a voice and each should be heard.  Each should do research about the candidates that are running.  This research should be done in time for the primaries, not just a week before the November election.  We should each vote for the best available candidate based on the information available to us.

To those who would say that this is an exercise in futility, I would point out that our national media is very interested in getting the message of each candidate out for public consumption.  Their entire business as it currently stands is based on controversy or conflict.  Opposing opinions, violence, controversy, etc… are all considered news-worthy items.  Indeed, they get my attention, and most likely yours as well.  This helps these lesser known candidates to become more “viable.”

This then is my call to action.  We need to become responsible American citizens.  We need to be active in our political process.  We need to do our homework.  We need to put our voice to the best possible use and elect the best candidate in the primaries.  Don’t waste your vote on the “most viable” candidate this year.  Use your voice deliberately, carefully, and rationally.  Let America be heard.


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  1. I love your call for rationality here and I completely agree! People need to research and then vote for the candidate they trust to make the sensible decision in any situation, regardless of party. I wrote an article similar to this that you might enjoy! Here’s the link:

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