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The Greatest Gift – Deferred

December 20, 2011

Have you ever opened a beautifully wrapped gift and found a gift card or a promise of something special to come in the future?  The gift was exciting, but the excitement was wrapped up in the expectation that went with it.  This is what I mean by a deferred gift.

At Christmas, we are reminded of “The Greatest Gift” – God’s son.  This gift, as I see it was a gift deferred.  Many of us have read the Christmas account in Luke 2.  This year, I have been reminded that Jesus’ birth was both a fulfilled promise and a promise of things to come.  The biggest gift came 33 years later when Jesus died for our sins.  He gave Himself for us.

There is much discussion at Christmas time about the “best” gift to give or receive.  Personally, I think the greatest gift most of us can give is the gift of time – spending time with those who are important to us.

As we celebrate this Christmas season, lets remember the important gifts – both those we receive and those we give.  Lets remember that Christ’s gift was more than just an arrival.  Lets enjoy time shared with family and friends.  These are the “Greatest Gifts.”

Wishing you a Merry and Memorable Christmas.



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