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Be the solution

November 2, 2011

Are there problems that need solving?

I remember hearing a phrase a few times that went something like this, “Don’t complain about something if you don’t have a solution.”  I’ve heard many Americans complain about the current state of affairs in our country.  Some complain about the economy, others about the quality(or lack thereof) of healthcare, still others complain about our foreign policy.  In truth, there are no shortage of things that one might like to change.  However, complaining is NOT the best way to go about it.

Modern society is quick to encourage people to “stand up and be counted”; in other words, we are often told that we should speak up for ourselves.  Although I very much agree with this sentiment, it is not complete by itself.  We, as citizens of the United States, have an obligation to more than just vocal participation in our society.

I Want You to Vote - Responsibly

I once heard a man say that if you forgo your right to vote, you forfeit your right to complain.

Voting is one of the easiest ways that we can be part of the solution.  As Americans, we are privileged to have direct access to and participation in our own government.  We have awesome privilege and obligation to  monitor the actions of our elected officials.  If we, as Americans, find that one of our employees(elected officials) is not doing his or her job, we have the responsibility to fire them(vote them out).  Also, if they would happen to be doing their job in such a way as to reproach their office, the same would apply.  On the other hand, if an official is doing a good job, we have the privilege of helping to insure their continued employment.

So, all this to say that if you are one of the ones who complain about the current state of affairs, it would behoove you to be a part of the solution.  Research the candidates in your area.  Local elections have long term impacts too.  Know your beliefs, know the values that are important to you, know who shares those values and beliefs with you.  Vote for more than just your checkbook.  Be a responsible United States Citizen. 

Be the solution


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